Suggested Mt Washington Equipment List

Long Underwear - First layer and the most basic item in the layering system. Silk weight or lightweight capilene are used as base layers as they provide fast and efficient moisture transport. Merino wool is highly recommended. This base layer must wick moisture away from your body, keeping you warm.

Heavy Weight Fleece : This is the layer over your long underwear. Most mid-heavy fleece or capilene layers will be fine here. Only in extremely cold conditions do we wear heavy weight layer on our legs. .

Insulated Jacket - More comfortable and functional than a wool sweater. Weight will depend on other items in your layering system. Large pockets are valuable.

Shell Parka & Pants - Gortex or other similiar waterproof breathable material and needs to fit over underwear and fleece jacket layers. The jacket should certainly feature a hood and pants or bibs should have full side zips.

Expedition Parka Down or Primaloft. Valuable around camp, during a storm or on a summit day. Compression stuff sack reduces bulk and saves space in your pack.

Insulated or Fleece vest - Fits well over underwear top and under a jacket. Optional but useful.

Hats - Wool or fleece cap, neck gaiter and balaclava. A balaclava is highly recommended.

Gloves / Mittens - You will need a pair of gloves for mountaineering, this could be a two part system consisting of a fleece glove with a shell, bring extra fleece liners to replace when wet. There are many new gloves on the market , make sure they are not to tight and try to handle and ice axe and carabiners with them on in the shops. An extra pair of mittens is highly recommended.

Goggles & Sunglasses - It's nice to be able to see where you're going. Store in a case or small stuff sack to prevent scratching. Keep clean. You may want to bring 2 pairs of goggles in case one pair ices up. Large well ventilated ski goggles work best (the kind that go over glasses) .

Face Mask Needed for Mt. Washington ascents where temperatures and winds can make for a severe arctic environment

Alpine pack With attachments for ice axe, crampons etc. (bungee cords).

Gaiters - Alpine-style or supergaiter. Historically, this is one of the most overlooked items by climbers taking our courses or going on our trips. Put some time into making sure you have gaiters that fit over your mountaineering boots properly. Check velcro, metal buckles and zippers.

Liner Socks - Bring two pair for day trips and three for an overnight.

Mountain socks - Start with a synthetic liner or wool then add a wool/synthetic blend to go over. Smartwool is good choices.

Double boots - (rentals available)

Crampons- (fitted to boots)

Ice Axe- (You can bring your own or we can supply one)

Snowshoes- Optional -based on conditions and forecast


Essential Personal Gear

Headlamp With Extra Battery - If you don't bring it-you will surely need it.

Two Water Bottles & Water Bottle Parkas

Chemical Hand Warmers

Sun Screen (SPF 15+)

Optional Personal Gear


Ski Poles

Thermos - for tea/hot chocolate





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